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Lakers’ JaVale McGee denies faking an injury on viral preseason play

Lakers, JaVale McGee

The internet had a lot of fun with a play from Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee during the team’s 126-93 preseason win over the Golden State Warriors that went viral. He appeared to feature him faking an injury in order to ‘cherry-pick’ for an open dunk.

After appearing as if he was injured by leaning over out of bounds, fellow Lakers teammate Anthony Davis was able to quickly pass McGee the ball with no Warriors players near the play to defend.


McGee denied faking injury when asked by reporters about the viral play after practice on Thursday. He mentioned that he actually hit his knee and was feeling pain, but when he realized that Davis had the basketball, he tried to forget about the pain and get in position for the dunk.

“I hit my knee, I really hit my knee. And it hurt. I went out of bounds and I saw Draymond guarding AD and I was like, forget the pain, I’m gonna go get these buckets,” McGee said, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

So I ran back in and got a dunk. But I really did bump my knee.”

Many people seemed to question McGee’s intentions because he is notorious for making strange plays that spread widely across the internet. Faking an injury to get an open dunk is apparently something that most wouldn’t put past him to do that.

It seemed strange that McGee didn’t appear to have complications running back on defense or throughout the remainder of the game. Whether he was actually injured or not, the play was representative of peak preseason basketball.