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Alex Caruso’s epic 6-word throwback message on Lakers 2020 championship

Lakers, Alex Caruso

Monday marks the one-year anniversary of the Los Angeles Lakers’ unprecedented title run inside the Orlando bubble. Alex Caruso, who is now with the Chicago Bulls, was an undeniably integral part of LA’s 2020 championship, which is why it is only fitting that he came out with an epic six-word message about that momentous occasion.

Caruso took to Instagram to share his thoughts on what he achieved with the Lakers exactly one year ago (h/t Sam Leweck of Lakers Daily):

Alex Caruso Lakers

Caruso is absolutely right here. LA’s 2020 championship roster has pretty much been obliterated at this point. However, whatever happens, there is one thing that remains. They are the 2020 NBA champs, and as Caruso said, there’s nothing anyone can say or do to take that away from them.

Looking at the photo brings back a ton of memories. More than half of the people in the picture are no longer with the Lakers. Caruso himself has packed his bags and is now a proud member of the Bulls. This is despite the fact that the Kajers tried their best to keep him in Hollywood.

Be that as it may, Alex Caruso will forever be part of Laker folklore. That too is something that no one can ever take away.