The entire Staples Center heaved a collective sigh of relief on Tuesday night after the Los Angeles Lakers escaped the Houston Rockets with a two-point win, 119-117.

Things could've easily gone south for the Lakers in the dying minutes, especially after the referees committed a huge blunder. Kent Bazemore was awarded two free throws with only 2:31 left in the game after getting fouled. The referees thought the Lakers were already in the bonus. Bazemore made both shots to give the Lakers a 10-point lead. But later on, the referees realized they committed a mistake and took back the two points like stealing an iPad from a baby.

After the brouhaha, the Rockets inched even closer. But luckily, the Lakers survived. After the game, Anthony Davis didn't hold back on the issue (via Heavy).

“They took the two points away and what me, Bron and coach was explaining to the refs—well, we lost a possession. We didn’t take the ball out or anything, we shot free throws, take the points away, now we just lose the entire possession. Which could have cost us the game. They were saying there was nothing they could do about it. Good thing it didn’t hurt us, but it was just a funky situation.”

Lakers coach Frank Vogel, meanwhile, urged the NBA to probe the matter.

“It’s definitely something the league’s got to look at. I understand the mindset to get it right. But they just take the points off the board, OK, which is to me, like, once play resumes, you can’t correct that.”

Nothing like drama involving the Lakers.