Lakers news: Brandon Ingram works on improving all facets of his game
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Brandon Ingram works on improving all facets of his game

Brandon Ingram, Lakers

Brandon Ingram will be coming into his third season with the Los Angeles Lakers with a much-improved core around him after the arrival of LeBron James. This upgrade will also force him to ramp up his game in various ways.

The Duke standout has been working with trainer Micah Lancaster of I’m Possible Training, and the latter has already seen his dedication to improving in more than just one area.

“What I like about Brandon is that he wants to improve every facet of his game,” said Lancaster in an interview with Laker Film Room podcast. “I haven’t gotten the inkling that he’s trying to be role-focused. He really is trying to improve anything he can possibly improve. For him, it’s becoming a multi-faceted player that doesn’t have any weaknesses, and so that’s just really nice about Brandon.”

“He wants to improve his ball-handling, he wants to improve his shooting, he wants to improve his finishing, he wants to be able to do everything.”

Brandon Ingram, who had grown into playmaking duties once Lonzo Ball went down to injury late in the season, will likely hone into those skills some more as well — looking to give James a break from his duties as an all-around playmaker.

The front office has focused on getting versatile players in the roster like Lance Stephenson, Rajon Rondo, and even bringing back three-and-D specialist Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Ingram’s well-rounded game should bode beneficial for James and company, as the Lakers will need more than just his scoring punch to make a dent in a brutal Western Conference.