Former Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott, who also happens to have spent 11 out of his 14 playing years with the purple and gold, has called out Lakers fans who are constantly hating on new recruit LeBron James.

Scott recently sat down with Christopher Cason of The Score and shared his personal opinion on the Lakers' summer coup.

“I bleed purple and gold – that's my heart,” exclaimed Scott. “I've been with that organization for so many years. Magic Johnson is a close friend of mine and I was so excited for him and Jeanie Buss. I was extremely excited for them to get the best player in basketball to come to Los Angeles. Obviously, it has given a lot of energy to Los Angeles.”

Unlike some Lakers supporters who have criticized the organization for signing someone they consider to be “the enemy,” Scott definitely has no intentions of jumping on the hate train. In fact, the 57-year-old believes that the Lakers should feel privileged to have scooped up one of the best players of his generation.

“A lot of people are excited and you got some people that are haters,” he said. “That's everywhere you go and LeBron has dealt with that his entire career. But I tell the people of Los Angeles that if you want to win, wouldn't you want the best player in the league on your team? Don't hate on LeBron James. Congratulate this man that he went there and chose that organization for probably his last stop.”

There is still a considerable amount of Lakers fans that are unhappy with the acquisition of James. Perhaps the winds will change if and when the team start piling up victories.