There is no doubt in Isiah Thomas’ mind that Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James will be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer soon, and he wants everyone to know how impressive that is.

On Twitter, the NBA icon shared how a lot of people didn’t and still don’t view LeBron as a score-first player unlike the other names on the list. James is known for his all-around game, with his passing ability being a major strength as well. Yet, here he is, just a little over 1,300 points short for the no. 1 spot as the league’s leading scorer.

Isiah Thomas is right, though. For a player that hasn’t even been mentioned among the elite scorers of his generation, what LeBron James has done and about to do are massively impressive.

Sure the Michael Jordan fanatics will say that LeBron played way more games that is why he has already surpassed His Airness and is about to beat Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record, but what many have failed to realize is that he has done it while also grabbing boards and dishing dimes. He is the only player in NBA history with at least 30,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 dimes.

It will be difficult for James to surpass Kareem’s scoring record in 2022-23, but it is possible. As we explained in an earlier piece, James is 1,325 points behind Kareem. If he is able to average 30.3 points again like he did last season, he can surpass the Lakers icon in 44 games.

Furthermore, if he plays 56 games next season–which is his average number of games per year since joining the Lakers–he would just need to average 26 points to become the no.1 scorer in NBA history

Thomas, for his part, will definitely be watching when that happens.