Lakers news: JaVale McGee says all his teammates in LA 'got heart'
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JaVale McGee says all his teammates in LA ‘got heart’


Newly signed Los Angeles Lakers center JaVale McGee is one of those pieces who was compelled to join the team when LeBron James migrated to Hollywood. Usually known for his on-court blunders and unfortunate hilarious antics on the hardwood, we often forget how talented and productive he really is when channeled by the right team.

In addition, despite being the butt of jokes and the recipient of countless memes on the Internet, the athletic 30-year-old center is a two-time NBA champion.

Part of the Golden State Warriors championship team, he contributed averages of 5.5 points, 2.9 rebounds, and nearly a block per game for just playing 9.5 minutes in his two-year stint in the Bay Area.

As he finds himself a new home in Laker Land, he gets an opportunity to contribute from scratch once again. Although with his sixth team already in his 10-year career, it seems McGee has become wiser with age.

According to a tweet from Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints, it seems like McGee has become vocal about his thought on his team.

The Lakers have a good problem with their pool of promising young talent and their reliable veteran acquisitions. Having the best player on the planet, LeBron James certainly helps their cause, but it is going to take more than all of those to get far in the postseason in the deep Western Conference.

If the Laker center is right, and his current team has the heart and the willingness to do the needed sacrifices, there is no reason why we should count out this team no matter what the expectations are expected to be.