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Kendrick Perkins sees Lakers winning 2020 title after Anthony Davis trade

Kendrick Perkins, Lakers, Anthony Davis

After the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Anthony Davis via trade with the New Orleans Pelicans, former NBA center Kendrick Perkins sees the Purple and Gold as title contenders.

In the aftermath of the blockbuster deal, Perkins quickly took it to Twitter to react. While he said the Lakers are not done yet, he also predicts the team to win it all in the 2019-20 season.

Though we all have to wait if Perkins’ prediction will come true, no one is in doubt of the Lakers now that they have two of the best talents in basketball. They will definitely make waves come the 2019-2020 season, but whether they head to the NBA Finals and win it all will be determined by the pieces surrounding them.

Reports reveal that Davis intends to waive his $4 million trade bonus which will give the Lakers some  $27.7 million in cap space, which is still enough to sign a max contract player. However, given that the money may not be enough to sign a player like Kemba Walker — who could command a supermax — the Purple and Gold could still use the money to get role players.

Given that James’ has worked well with shooters around him, various sharpshooters have entered into the talks. The likes of JJ Redick, Terrence Ross and Danny Green among others, are seen as possible targets for the team.

Some feel that the Lakers should also go for D’Angelo Russell — an unrestricted free agent who might exit the Brooklyn Nets once the team acquires Kyrie Irving. He’ll likely take a chunk of the salary cap, but the Lakers will get a top-level guard who’s on the cusp of achieving elite status.

After finally getting Davis, what’s next for the Lakers?