Lakers news: Kobe Bryant announces new book with intros by Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson
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Kobe Bryant announces new book with intros by Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson

Kobe Bryant

The wait is over, Lakers fans.

Kobe Bryant on Tuesday announced a new book that will be released later this year. The book is called “Mamba Mentality: How I Play,” and will be released in October.

Bryant, to this point, has not hinted that he was writing a book. So far after his playing career, he has only been winning Oscars and Emmys for his storytelling ventures, and launched a new show in “Detail.”

But now that we know the book is coming, there are so many things that we must know as soon as possible. How much of Bryant’s career will be included in the book? Will he talk about those difficult years in the mid-2000s when he wanted to be traded? Will there be stuff on his relationship between Shaquille O’Neal or Dwight Howard or Smush Parker?

Or, will the book be more of a nuanced look at his relationship with the game of basketball? Perhaps he will talk about his hyper-competitive nature, or his approach to relating (or not) with his teammates and how he motivated them.

The possibilities are endless for a book that chronicles 20 years of an NBA career. And fans of Bryant, who is so divisive and brings out the best debate fodder among NBA junkies, will undoubtedly consume this book like a desert wanderer consumes water.

The expectations of this book will be high. Pau Gasol and Phil Jackson have forwards in the book, and, well, Bryant is Bryant. So naturally, it will be scrutinized no matter what the words say.

Nevertheless, it will be an interesting read to say the least.