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Kobe Bryant subtly criticized by former Lakers teammate over Penny Hardaway comparisons

Kobe Bryant, Penny Hardaway, Lakers, Orlando Magic

Former Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic power forward Horace Grant has taken a subtle dig at Kobe Bryant while discussing the comparisons between the late NBA legend and Penny Hardaway.

Horace Grant had the opportunity to play alongside some of the greatest shooting guards of all time, including Penny Hardaway and Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant.

Indeed, Bryant and Hardaway had a lot of things in common, particularly in terms of offensive arsenal, and Grant can’t even identify who’s superior to whom.

“[In terms of] Talent? Oh man, that’s very tricky,” Grant said of Hardaway and Bryant during a recent interview with The Universe Galaxy YouTube channel. “They’re both right there. I can’t say one is more talented.”

Throughout his stellar NBA career, Bryant made a name for himself through his countless ways of scoring the basketball. For Grant, barring injuries, Hardaway would’ve also become as dominant as Bryant as he also had that in him during his playing years.

“Without a doubt,” the four-time NBA champ said when asked if Hardaway could’ve also enjoyed his career like Bryant did. “I’m talking about 6’7”, 6’8” can see the floor, three-pointers, drive to the basket, assists, you name it. All-around game.”

However, Grant hinted that despite the significant resemblance, Hardaway makes a better teammate as the late Lakers legend was more of a ball hog.

“They were both fine with me man,” he stressed. “If I had to pick, I would say Penny. Penny, you can go up and say, ’Yo, Penny, I need a couple of shots, man.’ [he’ll be like] ‘Ok, alright, imma get you the ball.’ [while] Kobe would say, ‘Hey, get it off the rebound’.”