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Video: Kyle Kuzma roasts Lonzo Ball for his ‘toddler’ shoes

kyle kuzma, lakers

Los Angeles Lakers rookies Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball have been in the spotlight since they were drafted by the team. So when Kuzma puts the attention on his fellow rookie, we’re sure Ball doesn’t mind being roasted for his “toddler” shoes.

During one practice session, Kuzma noticed that Ball was wearing practice shoes that were unbecoming of an NBA player. To him, they looked like toddler shoes. So he decided to take a video of his teammate while sitting on his chair in the locker room.

The video had this caption:

“Have y’all ever seen a 20 year old wear toddler shoes?”

Check out how the conversation went:

As we all know, Ball has his own shoe line for his family’s Big Baller Brand. These shoes retail from $495 to $695 on his website with autographed versions going for as high as $995 to $1195. Kuzma is surely aware of his Lakers teammate’s brand which is why he pranked Ball for wearing those “toddler” shoes.

The duo is two of the best rookies in the NBA with Kuzma getting less publicity despite playing better than Ball. The Lakers’ 6-foot-9 forward is leading the team in scoring with 16.8 points per game, a rare feat for a rookie.

Ball, the number two pick overall in the 2017 NBA Draft, has had a much-maligned career so far despite having one of the best rookie stat lines in the league with averages of 10.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, 7.1 assists, and 1.5 steals per game. Much of the issue has been with his field goal, 3-point, and free throw shooting percentages.

Perhaps a change in practice shoes would help.