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LeBron James’ cryptic post after positive COVID-19 test

Lakers, LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is going to miss the next few games as he’s going to be out for a minimum of 10 days after testing positive for COVID-19. He cannot return to action until he has tested negative twice in 24 hours.

After this development, LeBron tweeted an interesting message on Twitter.

It is unclear what LeBron is trying to get at with this, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on. Maybe he feels that he did not actually test positive for COVID-19 and that the league has a false positive on their hands? He has been somebody who has stuck up for the vaccine and has made comments to try to stop the whole pandemic. It would be unlikely that he is sending any real message here about the virus, but more so the NBA’s findings.

Losing LeBron for this amount of time is definitely not something that the Lakers were hoping for. He has already missed a significant amount of games due to injury, and now with this, he’s going to be out for possibly five more games. The Lakers have not looked impressive this season but much of that can be attributed to LeBron not being able to play every night.

The biggest concern for the Lakers is getting into the NBA Playoffs and making sure that they are all healthy. Everybody knows what LeBron James can do once he is in the postseason. The Lakers just have to hope that they get there and that he is healthy.