LeBron James has been a trend-setter ever since he came into the league. The Los Angeles Lakers star was one of the most hyped high school prospects in 2003, and he parlayed that hype into being the first overall pick in that draft. Since then, he's gone on to be the greatest player of his generation, and arguably of all time.

However, fans still wonder about what could've been with LeBron. What if the Lakers star had went on to play in college? Where would we go. LeBron James himself revealed where he would've likely played if he didn't go straight to the NBA: either Duke or UNC (who just faced each other in a legendary rivalry match). (via DIME)

“In a different world, I probably would have gone between – and this is gonna ruffle a lot of feathers – it'd have been between Duke and North Carolina.”

Oh boy. That definitely is going to ruffle some feathers, though both options make sense for the Lakers star. The two programs are some of the most decorated in the NCAA even back then. It would make sense for a top-tier talent like James to choose either college.

Had LeBron James gone to Duke, he would've played under the legendary Coach K. That player-coach duo would arguably be the best in NCAA history. Fans who already didn't like Duke back then will have plenty more reasons to hate on the powerhouse university. Funnily enough, that move would've made the Lakers star gain more “haters” than he already has today.

If LeBron went to UNC, on the other hand, the storyline couldn't be any more perfect. The Lakers star will be following in the footsteps of Michael Jordan himself. One GOAT candidate looking to get in front of the greatest player of all-time. In that scenario, the hype surrounding LeBron would've been greater had he done well in UNC.

As we all know, though, LeBron would ultimately choose to not go to college, which turned out to be the best option for him. In his long 19-year career, he's gotten a lot of honors, including a title with three different teams. The Lakers star has cemented himself as the greatest player of his draft class, and has a legitimate case to go up against Michael Jordan.