After he watched his Los Angeles Lakers teammates Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram get into an all-out brawl with Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets, LeBron James was surprisingly tight-lipped about what he witnessed on the court.

The game got testy late in the fourth quarter after James Harden was fouled on a layup attempt by Ingram. After the foul, Ingram angrily shoved Harden in the back, and the two had to be separated. While they were locked together, Rondo and Paul started jawing, and punches were thrown by both. Ingram, too, engaged in the melee by throwing a punch at Paul.

While all this occurred, James had a perfect view of the entire brawl. He played the peacemaker role, talking to players on both teams in an effort to calm tempers.

Even though LeBron James had firsthand experience of the fight, ClutchPoint's own Ryan Ward reported that he was not willing to give details.

There are several reasons why James is being so quiet on the matter.

It is well documented that he and Paul are close friends, and he probably doesn't want to throw his buddy under the bus while standing up for his teammates.

Additionally, this team already has enough drama between LaVar Ball and some interesting roster choices of players who are known to be agitators (Rondo, Lance Stephenson). James might just want to shut down talks of anything that is not purely basketball related and focus on getting his first L.A. win.

Regardless, the Lakers will now be without Ingram for four games and Rondo for three games. The Laker supporting cast will face even more pressure to finally give fans something to cheer for.