The dust has barely settled on their championship, and already, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is already recruiting for the upcoming season. Based on his own admission, he has now set his sights on former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Tristan Thompson.

James recently made the announcement on his own Twitter account:

We're kidding about the recruitment part, of course. This was just a friendly meet-up between two good buddies who took the opportunity to catch up and reconnect. Thompson played a key role in the LeBron-led Cavs championship back in 2016, and it is likely that this was one of their topics of conversation.

It is worth noting, though, that Thompson is going to be a free agent in the offseason. He just completed the final season of his five-year deal with Cleveland last term, which means that he's going to be an unrestricted free agent. Thompson's plans for the immediate future was probably one of the things he also discussed with LeBron.

Thompson joining the Lakers is a possibility. Dwight Howard is going to be a free agent, and if he decides to leave, then the Lakers will definitely need some help in the frontcourt. Then again, L.A. probably won't have enough cap space to sign Thompson, who himself earned $18.5 million from the Cavs last season. The only way we could see this happening is if Thompson agrees to take a significant pay cut to reunite with LeBron James in Hollywood. Realistically speaking, however, this does sound like a long shot.