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Magic Johnson has ‘made up’ with Lakers GM Rob Pelinka after accusing him of ‘backstabbing’

Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka, Lakers

After a not so amicable parting of ways last season, it seems that Los Angeles Lakers Ggeneral Manager Rob Pelinka and former Team President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson have mended fences.

In a brave tell-all for Bill Plaschke’s column for the LA Times, the NBA All-Time great recently opened up about a myriad of things that have occurred in his life since his shocking decision to step down from his executive post back in April.

Among those discussed was his relationship with his former colleague Pelinka, as Magic confirmed that they have patched things up and the two now have a cordial understanding with one another.

”Things happened, forgive and forget. I’ve moved past that, so did Rob,” Johnson shared. “Rob and I made up, we’re good, we still talk.”

Tasked together to bring the Lakers back to relevance after several subpar seasons, Magic and Pelinka’s relationship went sour when the Hall of Famer accused his former GM of “backstabbing” and “whispering” throughout the team’s disastrous campaign last year.

“If you’re going to talk betrayal, it’s only with Rob,” Johnson said last year in an emotionally charged interview on ESPN’s First Take.

Pelinka, who first rose to fame as Kobe Bryant’s agent, denied all of Magic’s claims and said he supported his decisions every time.

Things looked promising in LA last season, especially after Johnson and Pelinka played a huge role in bringing LeBron James to Hollywood and pairing him with young studs like Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball. But the team failed to live up to the expectations, missing the playoffs and winning only 35 games.

But all is good in LA LA Land once more, as the team currently holds the best record in the league.