The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the greatest franchises in sports history, thanks to their incredible history. A big part of their history is the legendary Showtime squad. Spearheaded by Magic Johnson and coached by Pat Riley, the squad destroyed their opponents with a high-paced offense and a solid defense.

Recently, Magic, Riley, and the rest of the Showtime Lakers engaged in a friendly game in Maui as their reunion event. It was a heartwarming event that saw many of the LA greats meet their friends once again. Afterwards, the real fun began, as the NBA legends hit the dance floor and partied throughout the night. (via ClutchPoints)

Magic Johnson may have just β€œwalked around” during their friendly game, but he sure wasn't walking on the dance floor during the party. The Lakers legend was having the time of his life with the rest of his former teammates. It's amusing and awesome to see these legends of the game have fun and party like they were back in their heyday.

The Showtime Lakers are a big part of the franchise's storied lore for good reason. The team became one of the dominant forces during the early years of the NBA. In particular, it was Magic's magical playmaking and scoring that became the star of the show. It's not a stretch to say that these Lakers were an important cornerstone of the NBA back then.

Now, the current Lakers team is trying to live up to the lofty expectations set upon them by their history. After winning a chip in 2020, the team has been struggling to find some semblance of consistency. They are hoping that this year is the year they turn it around again.