Lakers news: Magic Johnson reacts to passing of JoAnn Buss
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Lakers great Magic Johnson reacts to passing of JoAnn Buss

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JoAnn Buss, the former wife of Los Angeles Lakers governor Jerry Buss and mother of current Lakers governor Jeanie Buss, passed away on Monday.

Lakers legend Magic Johnson, who played under Jerry and worked alongside Jeanie before shockingly resigning before the end of last season, offered his condolences via social media.

Johnson, always known for his candor, called JoAnn an “incredible friend and woman.”

The Buss family has asked people to donate to the American Cancer Society in lieu of sending flowers.

The Lakers are currently tied for the best record in the NBA with a record of 24-3, which is tops in the Western Conference. The team is currently in the midst of a road trip and will face off against the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday amidst this news breaking.

L.A. will not return to their home arena of Staples Center until December 22, when they take on the new-look Golden State Warriors.

As a five-time NBA Champion, 12-time All-Star and NBA Hall of Famer, Johnson now serves as an extremely enjoyable follow on social media where he simply comments on what’s going on around the league — often surrounding his former team, the Lakers.

Clearly, Magic had strong feeling about JoAnn, which he expressed on social media for all to see.