The Los Angeles Lakers, make no mistake about it, earned their 106-103 win over the Phoenix Suns in the quarterfinals of the NBA In-Season Tournament on Tuesday night. However, there was much controversy surrounding this victory, as in the dying embers of the game, the Suns appeared to have a golden chance to tie the game at 105 when Austin Reaves nearly coughed up the ball, only for LeBron James to bail him out with a timeout.

The problem with James' timeout call for the Lakers is that The King appeared to motion to the officials for the timeout when the ball was already out of Reaves' grasp, as Grayson Allen appeared to have first crack at the loose ball.

Referee Tom Washington, however, saw things differently. In the Pool Report after the game, crew chief Josh Tiven justified their decision to grant the Lakers a timeout as they deemed that Reaves still had possession of the basketball.

“During live play the official felt that LA still had possession of the ball when LeBron James requested the timeout. Through postgame video review in slow motion replay, we did see that Austin Reaves had his left hand on the ball while it’s pinned against his left leg, which does constitute control,” Tiven said, via

It's important which frame the officials are looking at when reviewing the play. When LeBron James first signaled for the timeout, did Austin Reaves still have his hand on the ball pinned against his leg like the official said? And is having it pinned against one's leg enough to deem that the ball was still in the Lakers' possession?

But according to a frame-by-frame analysis from Reddit user MrAppleSpoink, it seems like the referees got it spot-on, as it looks like James had already motioned for a timeout while Reaves still had the ball wedged between his palm and leg.

Even then, those are bang-bang plays, and referees only have one crack at getting the call right. If for some reason, the officials decided to overturn the call and give the ball to the Suns, they would have to inbound the ball instead of getting a near-guaranteed two had Grayson Allen finished off the takeaway.

Whatever the case may be, don't expect Suns fans to quiet down anytime soon, especially when this loss is already their third to the Lakers this season.