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Lakers Shine in transition offense but commit too many turnovers

Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez

The past five-game losing streak has placed the Lakers in a familiar position. The criticism and scrutiny of the shrewd Lakers fans are slowly mounting.

There is one bright spot and one glaring weakness that arise from a brief review of the Lakers performance thus far.

Lakers amazingly rank second in transition offense. A huge part of this is attributed to Luke Walton’s system of playing fast paced basketball. It does help to have a prolific rebounding point guard in Lonzo Ball. He has shown the kind of court vision where defensive boards sends opponents scrambling as he hits the running open man with an accurate pass that ends in a scoring finish.

Luke Walton

Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times”

The Lakers are, however, atrocious in protecting the basketball. The young team lay claim to a league-high 17.5 turnovers per game, something no team wants to be part of.

The redeeming point for them is that non of the players are in the top 25 players list in individual turnovers. Instead, the Lakers’ have a team problem in turnovers where Lonzo, Brandon, Kyle and Julius each contribute two to four giveaways in every match.

Coach Walton will likely be running through more film work and back-to-basics drills with the Lakers as they look to shave off their turnover numbers and start finishing off close games that they have been losing due to careless basketball.