They did not win 73 regular season games, but the Cleveland Cavaliers had their own unique storybook season. They did not just win a title for a championship starved city, but they did it in historic fashion.

In the finals, they buried themselves to the ground only for people to see them rise back from the dead. It was the greatest series comeback of all time, and they did it against the best regular season team that the league has ever seen. All those easily make every Cavs fan virtually immune to the thought of whatever bad thing that may lie ahead.

However, in a recent episode of Colin Cowherd’s show aptly titled “The Herd”, he gave his listeners a pinch of reality, or whatever one may call it, by taking on the topic of LeBron James and Dan Gilbert’s relationship.

One of Gilbert’s lowest points since taking on majority ownership of the Cavaliers was arguably the abrupt release of his infamous letter in comic sans font. Although it appealed to a devastated fan base that was looking for something to rally behind back then, the choice of words aimed at James was teeming with pure loath, it was very much personal.

But for what it’s worth, things were ironed out between the two. Dan Gilbert admitted his mistake. LeBron James made him serious money, and the promised title was finally delivered.

A lot of things can be made out of this take from Cowherd, but these two gigantic figures worked hand-in-hand in order to accomplish the unthinkable. Gilbert maintained his extremely deep pockets for the team, and James led the league’s most expensive roster to get their hands on the most valuable piece of hardware that make these multi-millionaire athletes shed blood, sweat, and tears.

They did not have to be extra cheesy with each other. Dan Gilbert and LeBron James acknowledged that some things are definitely bigger than themselves.

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