Have the chickens come home to roost for D’Angelo Russell?

After a series of incidents regarding cursing James Harden and Kevin Durant, rapper Lil B is back again, and this time it’s aimed at the Lakers rookie.

Initially Lil B stated he would issue a warning to Russell regarding his infamous snitch video, where he exposed a private conversation he and teammate Nick Young had one night.

Now Lil B has recanted and recently visited ESPN’s SportsNation to say that Russell has been officially cursed.

This latest trend of cursed or not cursed is strange, but some seem to believe in it.

When Lil B tweeted the Oklahoma City Thunder would not beat the Golden State Warriors because Kevin Durant is cursed, and the Thunder gained a 3-1 lead, something teams rarely come back from, the Warriors managed to claw back and won three straight games to advance to the NBA Finals. Of course Lil B took credit for OKC's collapse.

This segment on Sports Nation must’ve caught Russell’s attention because he seemed to have sent a few DM’s to Lil B, from the tweet below.

It looks like things went over well, and maybe Russell was able to change Lil B's mind. Maybe… you never quite now what the Based God will do next.

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