Los Angeles Lakers’ legend and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson has apparently asked the Lakers’ organization to remove his honorary title as vice president and remove him from team staff directory in publications and other sources.

Though Johnson sold his ownership of the franchise in 2010, he was kept on as an unpaid vice president. The change is being made to clarify any confusion over Johnson's role in the franchise.

“Earvin will always be a revered and beloved member of the Lakers family, but he does not have a position or role with the organization at this time,” said team spokesman John Black Saturday.

“He is not an advisor or a consultant, and his opinions, comments and social media posts are solely his, and do not represent or reflect those of Lakers ownership or management. Hopefully this will eliminate any confusion over this issue in the future.”

While Magic might be leaving the Lakers’ organization, he’s still actively involved in Los Angeles professional sports as he is also a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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