The Dallas Mavericks have been a playoff contender for years now, even winning a championship in 2011. But now that Dirk Nowitzki and some other players are getting older, Cuban and his Mavericks need to look to the future.

While they will not have their first round pick for 2016 (traded to Boston), their first round picks for 2017 and 2018 are secured and, according to Mark Cuban, there few circumstances where they would be willing to trade them away.

So if you were a Mavericks’ fan looking to trade away more of your picks for a big-name player, you’re out of luck.

While somewhat dramatic, the statement is probably the most intelligent strategy. Cuban has already stated that Nowitzki will be around as long as he wants. The Mavericks next worry is who leads the team once he’s gone. Building through the draft seems like a solid option to find that replacement. That said, next season’s free agency is expected to be one of the deeper free agencies in recent years with more cap space than ever before. Cuban has plenty of time to change his mind before then.

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