Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks may be playing much better basketball since the trade deadline but on Friday night, they ran into the buzzsaw that is the Boston Celtics. The Mavericks were thoroughly outclassed, with the owner of the best record in the NBA at present taking a 138-110 blowout victory that, in and of itself, should already sting for Irving. But Celtics fans never forget, rubbing salt on the Mavericks star's wounds.

Clearly, there is no love lost between Irving and the Celtics nearly five years after the mercurial guard departed from the storied franchise in ignominious fashion. With the game out of the Mavericks' reach deep into the fourth quarter, a raucous TD Garden crowd broke into jeers, chanting out “Kyrie sucks” to voice their continued displeasure towards their former star.

The Celtics crowd is notorious for being one of the most unforgiving, and they certainly made Kyrie Irving know that his transgressions towards the franchise are not forgiven. As one would recall, the Mavericks star, who had declared in the past that he would want to see his number 11 Celtics jersey hanging on the TD Garden rafters, had a sour end to his two seasons in Beantown, with Boston underperforming in the postseason after a slew of chemistry issues broke out.

In the ensuing seasons, it seems as though Irving himself hasn't been too pleased with the Celtics franchise. In what appeared to be a targeted disrespectful gesture from the then-Brooklyn Nets star, Irving stomped on the Celtics logo in the middle of the TD Garden hardwood, sparking even more outrage from a fanbase that didn't already take a liking to him.

Kyrie Irving has left a trail of frustration in his past two stops, with the Celtics and Nets fanbase uniting in their dislike of the Mavericks star. His off-court actions over the past few years haven't helped matters in the slightest, and he has turned from one of the league's fan favorites to one of its most polarizing stars.

This gesture from Celtics fans may not be the best look, but one should understand where they're coming from with this chant towards the Mavericks star.