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Video: Boban Marjanovic’s amazing warmup routine is probably how Mavs beat Nets

Boban Marjanovic, Luka Doncic, James Harden, Mavs, Nets

Sure, the Brooklyn Nets were without Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but the real reason the Dallas Mavericks came out with a victory Saturday night was obviously due to their secret weapon: Boban Marjanovic.

Commonly known across the league as one of the more lighthearted players, Marjanovic was seen showing off his dance moves during his warmup for Saturday’s game. Considering he’s 7-foot-4, the Mavs big man’s display of his smooth dancing skills likely had James Harden shaking in his boots:

The Mavs center looks like a backup dancer to a music video here by being fluid, athletic, and, most importantly, on beat. Any franchise would be lucky to have a guy like Boban, as he’s constantly boosting the Mavs’ morale with his antics. He has even gotten Luka Doncic involved with his dancing during pregame:

Marjanovic may not play much, as he only played three minutes against the Nets on Saturday, but his personality cannot be ignored. He’s an overall fun person to be around, not just for the players, but for the fan base as well.

This obviously isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Mavs reserve act like a goofball. While playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, Boban became best friends with Tobias Harris (Bobi and Tobi), where they continuously made videos of themselves dancing and having fun:

Boban also showed Doncic some love on his 22nd birthday with a hilarious video message.

A fan favorite and an excellent teammate, Boban Marjanovic doesn’t seem like he’s going to be off of NBA rosters anytime soon. He’s fun and clearly intimidates opponents by getting down on the court during pregame.

Be prepared for another Boban dance video on Monday, as the Dallas Mavericks take on the Orlando Magic. The Mavs are looking to get back over .500.