Mavs video: Luka Doncic, Boban Marjanovic throw dunks at each other
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VIDEO: Mavs’ Luka Doncic, Boban Marjanovic throw dunks at each other in practice


The Dallas Mavericks have officially gotten their preparations for the NBA restart underway, with the team now entering the Disney World bubble. The Mavs appear to be in high spirits, and a recent clip of Luka Doncic taking on Boban Marjanovic on a game of one-on-one is testament to this fact.

The NBA’s official Twitter page shared some highlights of these two going at it at practice:

First off, we’re quite impressed by Boban’s moves. At one point we almost confused him with Luka Doncic, after Marjanovic showcased his Kyrie Irving-like handles. We’re exaggerating, of course, but it was a welcome treat to see Boban exhibiting his dribbling skills.

For his part, Doncic also displayed his back-to-the-basket expertise against a 7-foot-4 Marjanovic. It is clear that Boban let Doncic dunk on him, as he could have easily prevented the reigning Rookie of the Year from throwing the rock down right in his face.

Boban was having none of Doncic’s showboating, though. It’s hilarious how Marjanovic touched the rim without even needing to jump, as he let Doncic know how easy it is for him to dunk the ball.

It’s all in good fun, though, and it’s just great to see the pair get on the floor again.

The Mavs currently sit at the seventh spot in the West with a 40-27 record but are separated by just four games from the third-seeded Denver Nuggets. The eight regular-season games that will be played in the bubble will be pivotal for the Mavs, as they hope to improve on their current position in a ruthless Western Conference.