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Video: Maxi Kleber with a double-rejection at the rim against Celtics

maxi kleber

Dallas Mavericks big man Maxi Kleber may not be a household name yet, but there is no doubt that he is a talented player who deserves his roster spot with the team. He particularly excels in rebounding and defending the rim, and the latter was in full display during their game against the Boston Celtics.

During a sequence in the second quarter, the 25-year-old German international showed everyone his impeccable timing in rejecting shots, as he denied Al Horford and Daniel Theis back-to-back in one play.

Despite only averaging 15.0 minutes in the 18 games he appeared in this season, Kleber has earned his spot in head coach Rick Carlisle’s rotation. He has continued to come off the bench, but provides quality minutes every time he’s fielded in.

Maxi Kleber went undrafted back in 2014 and decided to continue playing professionally in his home country. He drew interest from scouts last summer, but ultimately chose to play for the Mavs and countryman Dirk Nowitzki. Now that he has introduced himself to the Celtics, as well as to NBA fans, it may lead to more court action for him in the future, which will only make him a better all-around player.