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Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton crash forces Red Bull driver out of British GP

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 British Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing star Max Verstappen has been knocked out of the British Grand Prix after a shocking first lap collision with Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton.

Check out the wild turn of events that sent Verstappen skidding towards the side of the track:


The contact made between the two drivers has been seen as highly controversial, as fans seem split on who’s to blame for the crash. On the one hand, some feel as though Lewis Hamilton clipped Max Verstappen after getting too aggressive on his overtake.


But others feel as though it’s clear that it was Verstappen that was at fault for steering right as the Mercedes driver was doing all he can to avoid a crash.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner came to the defense of his star driver, via Daniel Harris of The Guardian:

“He was never anywhere near level,” says Horner, blaming Hamilton entirely. He tosses in his relief at Verstappen walking away, doing all he can to have the race director think serious harm was avoided by chance, and trusts he’ll do the right thing.

Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton has been the titanic matchup throughout this Formula 1 season. With the two formula 1 stars vying for the Driver’s Championship, there’s been no shortage of drama between the two. This incident just adds more fuel to that fire as the season goes on.