Michael Jordan once threw out Lil Bow Wow's Allen Iverson sneakers
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Michael Jordan once threw out Lil Bow Wow’s Allen Iverson sneakers

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Courtesy of Shad Moss, whose more affectionately known as rapper Lil Bow Wow, never wear anything but Jordans in the presence of Michael Jordan.

Making an appearance on the Desus and Mero’s show on Wednesday, Moss told the hosts how he used to stay at Jordan’s house in Chicago when he was on tour. One time however, Moss woke up to Jordan holding up his Allen Iverson sneakers. Jordan then threw the sneakers into the garbage, which is pretty hilarious and vicious but the Hall of Famer did give Moss another pair of shoes.

“Michael Jordan threw away my Allen Iverson sneakers when I was at his house,” Moss told the hosts while retelling the story.

Based on this story and other similarly sounding ones, Jordan is truly solely focused on building his personal brand by any means necessary.

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