Mike Tomlin is the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The NFL coaching legend has been leading the Steelers since 2007, making him one of the longest-tenured in the league, which has helped Tomlin amass a net worth of $16 million.

He has won two Super Bowls, one as an assistant coach with Tampa Bay and one as a head coach with the Steelers. He holds an NFL record for most consecutive non-losing seasons to begin a coaching career with 16. Mike's personal life has been as steady as his coaching career. Tomlin has been with his college sweetheart since graduating, and the couple tied the knot in 1996. Tomlin's wife is Kiya Winston.

Who is Mike Tomlin's wife Kiya Winston?

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Mike Tomlin and Kiya Winston started their marriage in 1996, but they have known each other since high school. Their relationship showcases college sweethearts who stayed together past graduation.

The couple met in the training room of their school's athletic department, as both were nursing injuries from their respective sports. Since Winston is a factor in Tomlin's coaching career, let's look at Kiya Winston outside of her relationship with Mike Tomlin.

Kiya Winston's background

Unlike some football wives who try to stay out of the public light, Winston has built her brand and business outside of football. Winston was born on Jan. 13, 1974, in Morristown, N.J.

The famous designer displayed an interest in fashion at a young age. She took on the hobby of sewing, making pillows, blankets, and dresses out of previously torn clothes. She launched a collection of designer tracksuits in 2014 named Uptown Sweat. Her designs are aimed at women over the age of 30. “In my heart, I felt if I could design, manufacture, and sell in one place, that would be a dream,” Winson said. “That seemed like a success.”

She has a clothing line named Kiya Tomlin, boasting a roster of high-profile celebrities and personalities. Her Instagram account has over 11,000 followers and often shows photos of models advertising her garments. According to her website, Winson describes herself as “a story of many titles. Kiya Tomlin, Fashion Designer, Founder, Entrepreneur. Proud Wife and Mother. Life-long Artist. Woman of Brave and Boundless Energy. Purveyor of Wearable Confidence. And Curator of Everyday Inspirations. She is a story of many moments, lived with a forever full and grateful heart.”

Mike Tomlin, Kiya Winston's relationship

The couple had three kids before moving to Pittsburgh. Dean was born in 2000. Mason was born in 2002, and Harlyn was born in 2006. After the Tomlins settled in Pittsburgh, Kiya began to work on her design craft. Luckily for the future of Kiya's company, Mike has held onto his job in Pittsburgh for 16 years.

While the life of a football coach can sometimes cause a lot of movement, Tomlin has dug roots in Pittsburgh due to his success. If Tomlin can continue his streak of winning seasons, he will hold on to his job and life in Pittsburgh.

Mike Tomlin and Kiya Winston on TV

After some persuasion from HBO, Kiya finally agreed to be a part of a documentary titled “State of Play: First Ladies.” Initially, Kiya thought the movie would be about Mike's coaching career. However, she learned it was about women balancing professional successes and family obligations and opted to be included. They shared the documentary with Kevin Harvick‘s wife, and a high school coach's wife, Megan Lenhoff. The documentary was met with mixed reviews from critics.

While Mike Tomlin has had stability for the last 16 years, it still isn't easy juggling family life while your husband is at the field for six months out of every year. Kiya takes it a step further by also running a successful designer line.

Nevertheless, this is all we know about Mike Tomlin's wife, Kiya Winston.