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Mitchell Robinson drops agent after Combine issue

David Fizdale, Mitchell Robinson, Knicks

Mitchell Robinson, who has been electric for the New York Knicks in Summer League, has dropped his agent, according to multiple reports.

Of the multiple people and outlets to have reported on this story, Marc Berman of the New York Post seems to have the most current information regarding the matter.

Supposedly, the big man dropped agent Raymond Brothers and has now brought on John Spencer to represent him. That isn’t exactly the meat of the story.

According to the reports, despite Mitchell Robinson signing a four-year deal for $6.4 million with a team option after both the second and third seasons, the young man believed his former agent cost him loot by pulling him from the NBA Draft Combine.

For those unaware, out of high school, Robinson initially — and shockingly — committed to Western Kentucky, but never actually played for the university. Instead, after changing his mind numerous times, he decided to not play collegiate hoops at all, and focused on his game outside of the limelight. There were rumors and whispers of some shady stuff circling the entire ordeal, but nothing ever came from it.

Anyway, Robinson was selected in the second round by the Knicks despite clearly having first round talent. Reportedly, the center’s thought process is that his agent was to blame for him falling after not having him participate in the NBA Draft Combine.

While no one knows for sure if it would have helped him, Mitchell Robinson’s athletic prowess would have certainly garnered far more attention from the teams who passed on him late in the first round.