MLB free agent pitcher Matt Harvey made some shocking admissions during his testimony at the trial of former Los Angeles Angels employee Eric Kay concerning the death of former pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Harvey admitted to giving opioids to Skaggs several times during his shocking statements in the trial. While the one-time All-Star was granted legal immunity, he won't be so fortunate with the MLB, as they announced a strict punishment for Harvey following his opioids admission, via ESPN.

If Matt Harvey can find a team willing to sign him, he could immediately be suspended for at least 60 days for saying that he provided opioids to Tyler Skaggs on several occasions, a Major League Baseball official told ESPN on Wednesday.

Per ESPN, Matt Harvey, who is a free agent, will face an immediate 60-day suspension for his admission on opioids in the Tyler Skaggs trial. Harvey's testimony counts as distribution under the MLB's drug policy.

In a statement, the MLB said that a “comprehensive review” of any violations will occur once the Skaggs trial is complete. Harvey will be able to appeal the suspension.

The 32-year-old was a standout pitcher for the New York Mets during his first three years in the big leagues but struggled to find success after that.

While Harvey's opioids admission from the Skaggs trial won't cost him any legal troubles, it could put a serious wrench in his potential return to the MLB.