Former National League Cy Young winning pitcher Trevor Bauer, who is now eligible to pitch at the big league level after previously being suspended for a sexual assault allegation that he was never criminally charged for, is still unsigned. A second woman later accused Bauer of sexual assault, but it was recently revealed that she is being criminally charged with two felony accounts against the pitcher, a source tells ClutchPoints.

Teams have displayed hesitancy in pursuing Bauer in free agency. He has not been legally charged with any crimes, but even he admitted to making “reckless mistakes” in the past. Still, this update on Bauer's second sexual assault accuser is important without question.

Bauer posted a video about the matter, detailing his side of the story, via Trevor Bauer's X (formerly Twitter) account.

“One of the women who accused me of sexual assault just got indicted for committing felony fraud against me,” Bauer says in the video. “Let me catch you up to speed. In the last three years, two women have taken legal action against me. Lindsey Hill started all this.”

For those who may not be aware, Hill was the first woman who accused Bauer of sexual assault. Bauer and Hill sued each other but later came to a legal settlement. Bauer later revealed shocking texts about the incident that Hill sent to a friend.

Again, Bauer was never charged with a crime but still was suspended from MLB. Before the 2023 season, though, MLB shortened Bauer's suspension after an investigation. He was eligible to sign with an MLB team but ended up playing in Japan instead.

As for the second accuser, Bauer provided more information in the video.

Trevor Bauer breaks down situation with second accuser

“Well, today, the only other one, Darcy Adanna Esemonu, has been criminally indicted for committing felony fraud against me and another man, so now she’s facing up to 16 years in prison. Her claims are even more absurd than Lindsey’s were, so here’s some of the details. We had one plain sexual encounter in December of 2020, nothing that could be considered remotely rough. She initiated it, but don’t take my word for it, take hers.

“This is a picture and text message (which Bauer shows in the above-posted video) she sent me the next morning explaining why she came on to me. And for months afterward, she repeatedly requested to sleep with me again. For example, this text, from January 7, 2021. At one point she even requested a sample of my sperm so she could ‘have my child whenever she wanted to' in the future. It’s hard to keep track but she’s made at least four 7-figure demands over the last few years. More than a year after the one time we slept together — and only after Lindsey Hill made up her false allegations — Adanna retained a lawyer.”

So what exactly occurred? Bauer said Adanna Esemonu made up an abortion claim and demanded money from him.

“She then demanded $3.6 million dollars and claimed I forced her to have an abortion leaving her 'emotionally devastated and irretrievably damaged' by it. But here’s the thing – she never had an abortion, because she was never even pregnant, and that’s corroborated by her own medical records. When I refused to pay her the 3.6 million dollars she was asking for, she made up a bogus sexual assault claim and filed a civil suit against me.

“In that version of her story, she claimed, for the first time by the way, that there was nonconsensual sex. But her texts from the next morning show what actually happened… She also claims that, instead of an abortion, she actually had a miscarriage. But that’s impossible of course, because again, she was never even pregnant.”

Bauer reveals further details

Trevor Bauer and his team made sure to have all evidence ready in this situation. He revealed further details of the situation, mentioning other evidence that supported his case. According to Bauer, other law firms “dropped” Adanna Esemonu after they “acknowledge they never had evidence to support her claims.”

“We now have emails between her and the first two law firms that dropped her in which they acknowledge they never had evidence to support her claims, but they’ll try to get my money anyway,” Bauer said. “I then shared an audio recording I have in which Adanna contradicts her own claims and asks me for money. In the emails, her lawyers agree that it’s ‘insurmountable evidence' and they inform Adanna that they can no longer represent her unless she can provide any documentation or proof of her claims. Of course, she couldn’t do that, so the law firm urged her to consult other law firms with ‘different standards.'”

Bauer later added that Adanna Esemonu has filed 10 lawsuits against other men. The former MLB All-Star said that she filed at least one lawsuit against another professional athlete as well.

What about other accusers?

Bauer addressed two other accusers in the video as well. Here is what Bauer had to say about the other accusers.

“And just so no one can say well, he still has two other accusers, just because the first two are complete frauds doesn’t mean the others are, here’s a couple facts about them. They both had lawyers first demand in excess of $3 million dollars to ‘not go public.' In both cases, only after I refused to pay any sum of money did their lawyers make anonymous claims in the media. They both had the opportunity to file a criminal complaint against me. Neither of them did.

“They both had the opportunity to file a civil suit against me. Neither of them did. They both had the opportunity to participate in Lindsey Hill’s civil suit against me. They could have even done so anonymously. They both refused. One of them even submitted a statement to the court stating that she never made public accusations against me. The other refused to participate so vehemently that Lindsey Hill took legal action against her trying to force her to participate. She still refused.

“So they both had the opportunity to testify under penalty of perjury. Neither of them did. One can only wonder why. Perhaps it’s because all of their claims against me are lies.”

Bauer concluded the video by stating that he does not plan to continue speaking on the topic. He feels as if he has defended himself well enough.

“If there comes a time in the future where I need to defend myself further, I will not hesitate to do so,” Bauer said. “But for now there is no reason to speak further on this topic, though, because outside of Adanna – who has now been indicted with felony fraud – there are no claims against me, no ongoing investigations, and no outstanding lawsuits. At this point, I’m not sure what else I can possibly do to prove my innocence in all of this. I did not do what I was accused of, and every institution that our society has entrusted to rule on issues like these, like courts, judges, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, etc…they all agree with me.

“They’ve rejected every single claim made against me, even going as far as charging one of my accusers with a felony. If any evidence of any of these claims actually existed, I would have been charged, or at the very least arrested. But that never happened. What else do I have to do to prove that this entire situation has been a massive lie? This is insane. At what point do I get to go back to work and continue earning a living?”