Trevor Bauer was considered one of the best pitchers in MLB just a few years ago. He ended up landing a lucrative contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers after winning the NL Cy Young with the Cincinnati Reds in 2020, and it appeared that Bauer had plenty of good years ahead of him while pitching at baseball's highest level.

Then Bauer was dealt a sexual assault allegation and was later suspended from MLB. His suspension ended up getting reduced and Bauer was eligible to pitch at the MLB level in 2023, but ultimately ended up signing with a team in Japan for the season.

After settling a legal dispute with the woman who accused him of sexual assault, Trevor Bauer is looking for another chance to pitch in MLB, according to FOX Sports, via the New York Post.

“I’d love to play baseball. That’s my goal — to play baseball here in the United States,” Bauer said. “Still one of the best pitchers in the world. I’d like to compete at the highest level. I’m also really passionate about helping people, being good for the game. I think I’ve done a lot of damage, unfortunately, in the first half of my career, and I’d love a second opportunity to do things better.”

Trevor Bauer's admission

Dodgers' Trevor Bauer pitching a baseball.

Bauer also discussed changes he's made in his life after what previously occurred.

“I made mistakes. I agreed to do things I shouldn’t have done,” Bauer stated. “I was reckless. It hurt a lot of people along the way. I made things very difficult for Major League Baseball, for the Dodgers, my teammates, my friends, family, people close to me. So, I’ve done a lot of reflecting on that and made a lot of changes in my life to address that. I’m not having casual sexual relationships anymore, for example.”

Trevor Bauer displayed signs of the star pitcher he once was this past season while pitching in Japan. There isn't much debate about his talent, as the 32-year-old will likely still be able to find success in a big league rotation.

The question comes down to whether any MLB team is willing to sign Bauer and deal with the distractions. Regardless of your thoughts on Bauer, there is no denying the fact that signing him would lead to added media attention and every move the pitcher makes moving forward will be under close watch.

Do you want your favorite team to sign Trevor Bauer?