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Yankees Carlos Rodon pitching a baseball with fire coming off the ball.
Yankees' Carlos Rodon reveals 'fastball' downfall in 2024Carlos Rodon got brutally honest on his underperformance so far during the 2024 season with the New York Yankees.Joey Mistretta ·
Yankees' Carlos Rodon sounds off on horrible first inning in loss vs. RaysYankees starting pitcher and pricey fee agency signing Carlos Rodon speaks out after yet another bumpy outingAlex House ·
Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon, Rays, Tropicana Field
Yankees' Carlos Rodon breaks silence about Aaron Boone's 6th inning decisionNew York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon breaks his silence about manager Aaron Boone's sixth inning decision against the Reds.Peter Sampson ·
Yankees Carlos Rodon slump Aaron Boone Reds Luis Gil
Yankees' Aaron Boone reveals positives in Carlos Rodon's brutal start vs. Blue JaysCarlos Rodon has to figure it out quickly amid the Yankees' rough stretch. But Aaron Boone has confidence in him doing so.Jedd Pagaduan ·
Yankees' Carlos Rodon with snowflake symbols all over him to signify that he's ice cold, with Aaron Boone looking on in frustration
Yankees' Carlos Rodon drops fiery quote after Royals redemptionYankees hurler Carlos Rodon may have taken a magic potion during the offseason, as he's unrecognizable compared to last year.Joshua Valdez ·
Carlos Rodon eating the KC Royals logo off a dinner plate
Yankees' Carlos Rodon drops mindset truth bomb after earning win vs. TwinsNew York Yankees southpaw hurler Carlos Rodon shares his mindset this year after winning against the Minnesota Twins.Nathan Yasis ·
Carlos Rodon with his eyes lighting up throwing fireballs, New York Yankees logo in the background.
Yankees' starting pitchers complete epic feat not seen in MLB historyThe Yankees' starting pitching has been amazing in 2024, notching a historical feat with its combined dominance.Sam DiGiovanni ·
Yankees' Marcus Stroman, Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon
Yankees' Carlos Rodon fires blunt message to White Sox after revenge game performanceNew York Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon was fired up to face his former team in the Chicago White Sox on Sunday.Ryan Bologna ·
Carlos Rodon breathing fire
Yankees' Gerrit Cole gets murky injury update from Aaron BooneNew York Yankees star pitcher Gerrit Cole recently received an uncertain injury update from manager Aaron Boone.Joey Mistretta ·
Yankees' Gerrit Cole looking serious at Yankee Stadium. Question marks all around him.
How Gerrit Cole is helping Yankees rotation amid injuryNew York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole might be injured, but he's doing all that he can to help out the rotation.Quinn Allen ·
Photo: Gerrit Cole in Yankees jersey watching Nestor Cortes, Marcus Stroman, Carlos Rodon in action in Yankees jerseys
Ex-Yankees manager Joe Torre's surprise spring training appearance has fans feeling nostalgicJoe Torre surprised fans on Monday during the New York Yankees' 4-3 spring training win over the Philadelphia Phillies.Joey Mistretta ·
Joe Torre, image from 2024 or 2023, in front. In background, place Yankees fans cheering/looking excited.
Nestor Cortes update amid Yankees mysterious Opening Day starter situationThe New York Yankees have not yet announced their 2024 Opening Day starting pitcher, but Nestor Cortes is a candidate.Joey Mistretta ·
Yankees' Nestor Cortes in front looking serious. In background, Yankees' Carlos Rodon and Yankees' Marcus Stroman both pitching baseballs. Yankees' Gerrit Cole in a hospital gown.
Why Yankees' Carlos Rodon won't start Opening Day despite Gerrit Cole injuryAaron Boone said Carlos Rodon will likely still not start Opening Day for the Yankees despite Gerrit Cole's injury update.Joey Mistretta ·
Carlos Rodon in image looking hopeful, NY Yankees logo, baseball field
Yankees' Carlos Rodon shoots down concerns over brutal spring training performanceNew York Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon downplayed the concerns regarding his Spring Training outing on Wednesday.Ryan Bologna ·
Carlos Rodon saying “I’ll be good”
Yankees fans losing their minds after Carlos Rodon's tough spring training outingCarlos Rodon's difficult spring training game vs. the Tampa Bay Rays drew no shortage of reaction from New York Yankees fans.Joey Mistretta ·
Yankees' Carlos Rodon pitching a baseball and have the eyes emoji all over image looking at him.
How Carlos Rodon's 2024 performance will make-or-break Yankees' World Series chancesCarlos Rodon's performance can make or break the Yankees 2024 rotation. If he plays up to his own standards, he can be an elite No. 2 option.David Rooney ·
Carlos Rodon in image looking hopeful, NY Yankees logo, baseball field
Carlos Rodon sheds light on rough debut campaign with Yankees in 2023There's no doubt that it was a dreadful season for Yankees star Carlos Rodon, but he is looking to get back to his strengths.Zachary Weinberger ·
New York Yankees star Carlos Rodon in front of Yankee Stadium.
Yankees pitchers Nestor Cortes, Carlos Rodon updates before 2024 spring trainingNestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon are progressing nicely from their injury-riddled 2023 season as they prepare for 2024 spring training.Gerard Angelo Samillano ·
Carlos Rodon, Nestor Cortes, Yankees
Carlos Rodon bullpen provides Yankees optimism for bounce back seasonNew York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon is reportedly throwing mid-90s fastballs in this year's spring trainingBrian Buyawe ·
Carlos Rodon throwing a pitch, New York Yankees
Yankees: Carlos Rodon gets brutally honest on rough 2023, mindset to bounce back in 2024Carlos Rodon spoke about his rough 2023 with the Yankees and what he is doing this offseason in attempt to bounce back.Ryan Bologna ·
Carlos Rodon saying “I’m ready” next to Aaron Boone
Yankees optimistic about bounce-back campaign for Carlos Rodon in 2024Carlos Rodon is looking to bounce back in 2024, and the New York Yankees are optimistic that can take place.Ryan Bologna ·
Carlos Rodon, Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman
Yankees: Carlos Rodon apologizes to New York pitching coach after disrespectful actNew York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon has already apologized to pitching coach Matt Blake after a disrespectful act on the mound.Rexwell Villas ·
Carlos Rodon, Yankees