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Video: Mom wouldn’t let Steven Adams get his hands on her baby

steven adams

During the Oklahoma City Thunder media day on Friday, team sideline reporter Lesley McCaslin brought her newborn baby along to show and introduce him to the players.

Andre Roberson, Enes Kanter, and Steven Adams were all pleased to meet the toddler, but teased each other about being too scared to hold the baby (something men often do).

Adams offered to hold McCaslin’s microphone instead to which she replied with gratitude.

Oh, thank you. I’d rather you hold (the mic) than my baby. Would that be alright?

That was nothing more than a protective mothers natural instinct to keep he baby as close to her as possible and Adams agreed as he answered.

Yeah, nope. No offense taken.

Most men decline holding newborn babies because they feel so fragile and are afraid they may hurt them.


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