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Mortal Shell will get a roguelike mode via upcoming Virtuous Cycle DLC

Mortal Shell Virtuous Cycle DLC

Souls-like game Mortal Shell will get even harder once its Virtuous Cycle DLC arrives this August 2021.

The Virtuous Cycle DLC will introduce a new shell, a new game mode, and a new weapon. The new shell will be called Hadern – which Mortal Shell players may be familiar with already. He wields a brand-new weapon introduced in this DLC – a unique weapon called the Axatana. The Axatana can switch between being a heavy axe and a pair of katanas, so this gives players a lot of versatility in combat. The Hadern shell can be used both in the main story as well as in the game’s new mode coming in Virtuous Cycle.

Virtuous Cycle DLC’s new game mode will introduce a new roguelike mode. The DLC’s Steam store page reads: “Carve your own path to deliverance in this self-altering world where no two runs are ever the same. Create your own combat discipline from upgrade pillars that are scattered across Fallgrim and beyond. More than 100 upgrades are yours to inherit, from exotic weapon enhancements to entirely new maneuvers.”

Mortal Shell Virtuous Cycle will launch simlutaneously on the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG.com for $7.99 on August 18, 2021.