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Muggsy Bogues adds Kristaps Porzingis, DeAndre Jordan to list of preferred ‘Space Jam 2’ cast

Muggsy Bogues

A sequel to the Space Jam cult flick has long been reported to be in the works, though the production appears to be just in the earliest of phases with actual shooting yet to start. That hasn’t stopped the public from talking about the possible current NBA players who’ll be in the remake — aside from, of course, LeBron James, who’s already been revealed before as the lead.

And if the cast was up to former Charlotte Hornets guard and original Space Jam actor Muggsy Bogues to decide, the sequel is going to feature plenty of today’s stars as expected.

In an interview with ESPN, Bogues mentioned the names of Kristaps Porzingis and DeAndre Jordan as the addition to his ideal cast that he had previously disclosed. For Bogues, Porzingis would be Shawn Bradley 2.0, given their similar height and length, while Jordan would reprise the role of Patrick Ewing.

Bogues was asked last year of his preferred cast for the Space Jam sequel, originally revealing his choices of Draymond Green, Andre Drummond, and Anthony Davis for the movie. As for who gets to play himself, Bogues stands with his first choice of Boston Celtics guard, Isaiah Thomas.

Speculating on the movie’s characters, however, won’t quench the thirst of fans, who’ve long been waiting for the second coming of a Space Jam picture.