It appears some big changes are coming to NBA 2k gaming. This year, according to a tweet by NBA 2k17, you will be able to create expansion teams and fully customize nearly everything about them.

This is much different from last year in that, instead of just being able to relocate an NBA franchise, you can actually bring in a completely new expansion team. Now die hard Seattle Supersonic fans will be able to bring back their team and take over the league. As well as other NBA fans who do not have a team in their city who can now use their imagination to create a team. If you do not have an extremely inventive imagination or simply do not want to spend a lot of time fully customizing your franchise, you can choose from some of the already preset expansion teams that NBA 2k17 will offer.

As well as bring in expansion teams, the new 2k will allow you to add more teams to your league. This includes former teams with legends on them as well as European teams. Want to see which team claims the crown between the new look Golden State Warriors, LeBron's stacked Miami Heat team, or Jordan's 95-96 Chicago Bulls? You can now do that in NBA 2k because of their customizable leagues. This is sure to be a popular addition to the NBA 2k franchise.

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