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NBA 2K22 Guides: Where to get NBA 2K22 VC easily?

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NBA 2K22 VC might be hard to come by, so we’re here to help you out and teach you where to get NBA 2K22 VC easily. Some of these methods will not require any purchase, saving you the cash that you can spend elsewhere. Without further ado, here are the ways you can earn VC in NBA 2K22.

Where to get NBA 2K22 VC? 7 Ways to Get VC in NBA 2K22

  1. The most straightforward: purchase more NBA 2K22 VC. These come in different bundles, and are priced as follows:
    • 5000 – $1.99
    • 15,000 – $4.99
    • 35,000 – $9.99
    • 75,000 – $19.99
    • 200,000 – $49.99
    • 450,000 – $99.99
  2. The easiest way to collect VC is: Watch the Weekly NBA 2KTV. In the main menu, select the Weekly NBA 2KTV option on the lower right of the menu. Each Weekly NBA 2KTV will have interactive trivia questions. Some of these will award up to 100 VC regardless of your answers. Some of them will give you up to 400 VC if you answered correctly. All in all, you can collect easily about 500 to 2000 VC, depending on how well you answer.
  3. Get Endorsements in MyCAREER. The easiest way to earn VC is through MyCAREER. Once signed with a team, you get a fixed salary for each game you play. You earn more VC the better you play, and you also get endorsements when your brand value is high.
  4. Play in Hall of Fame Difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the higher your VC multiplier becomes. You can then use the gameplay sliders to your advantage if you want.
  5. Daily Rewards. You can collect free Daily Rewards from your affiliation’s statue in The City. Sometimes this gives out EXP, sometimes clothing discounts, but if you’re lucky, it might just give away some NBA 2K22 VC.
  6. Daily Pick ‘Em. Predict the winner correctly in The City and you’ll get VC based on the results of real-life NBA matches.
  7. Locker Codes. There isn’t a lot right now, but there are a couple of Locker Codes you can enter to earn some VC.

If you haven’t yet, check out our NBA 2K22 Review here. For more guides, stick with ClutchPoints Gaming’s NBA 2K22 gaming guides. While you can no longer pre-order, you can still get the game on the 2K Website.