With the hobby going insane over Logoman cards, especially after the LeBron James Triple Logoman coming out, it's expected that they would demand a premium price in the market. Rightfully so since some of these pulls have gone beyond a million dollars, most notable of which is Luka Doncic's $4.6 million rookie Logoman auto. But for those who want this kind of card for their own collection, a good example to look forward to is this custom Zion Williamson Logoman card that's creating quite the hype on social media.


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In a post shared by Find Your Trove on Instagram, a custom Zion Williamson Logoman rookie patch auto card was featured. The artist behind this ridiculously sweet card of the New Orleans Pelicans' All-Star forward is Tim Carroll and his creation is truly one to behold at.

The custom Logoman itself is made up of different cards cut up in different ways to compose Williamson's profile, his signature, the patch, and other design elements seen on it. Unlike other custom cards out there, this one by Carroll is larger. The first image from the post gives this indication, which makes the whole process of creating it more impressive.

Taking a closer look at the custom Logoman, one would see how amazing the details are. The shading on Williamson's face, uniform, and even the shoes he's wearing here are worthy of recognition. The patch itself looks breathtaking as it mimics Jerry West's legendary silhouette. The All-Star's signature, meanwhile, is crafted to match Williamson's actual autograph on his NBA cards.

The great thing about this custom Zion Williamson Logoman card is that it's not the only work of art by Carroll that will leave fans speechless. His page on Instagram features other popular athletes and their sports cards that made an impression on the hobby. In any case, this one featuring the Pelicans' All-Star is a card that will take anyone's breath away at first sight due to its artistic look and that classic Logoman on it.