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Blake Griffin, Lou Williams among NBA players to mock referees’ explanation for Bradley Beal non-travel call

Bradley Beal, Wizards

NBA players took to Twitter after a controversial explanation from the NBA Referees Twitter account explained why a non-travel call of a driving Bradley Beal against the Detroit Pistons went by without a whistle.

Complex Sports posted a video of the play, which shows Beal bobbling the ball before re-gathering it, taking an extra step and dishing out to the perimeter:

The refs argued that the play was legal, given that Beal “lost control” of the ball and gathered by using his pivot foot before passing it out to a teammate:

NBA players were not having it. Lou Williams of the LA Clippers had this to say:

Evan Fournier of the Orlando Magic could only laugh:

Wayne Selden of the Chicago Bulls might try to follow Beal’s lead and game the system:

Beal wouldn’t be left behind after sarcastically excusing his gaffe in a previous tweet:

Yet Blake Griffin couldn’t believe his eyes, thinking Beal hacked into the refs’ account to excuse his blatant travel:

Not many players will buy this explanation, given the sheer awkwardness of the play. The optics are certainly not great, and the referees proceeding to excuse this gaffe only hinders whatever little credibility they’ve had with the players thus far. Just see for yourselves.