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Chris Bosh plans to keep options open as a player

Chris Bosh

Another NBA season has come and former Miami Heat be forward Chris Bosh hasn’t stepped on the basketball court since he and the organization parted ways last season.

July 4 was the day he had been waived after coming to an agreement reluctantly due to reoccurring blood clot issues. The Heat gained $26.8 million in cap space while Bosh still received his salary through insurance.

Bosh recently appeared on NBA TV’s Players Only night and expressed his current feelings on playing versus retiring. If healthy, the 6-10 forward could sign with any NBA roster with available space, but for now that scenario is closer to wishful thinking than reality.

“I’m always going to be around the game of basketball. I plan to keep my options open as a player moving forward, but that’s not coaching. Maybe front office work, working with teams and spreading the game, maybe teaching the game to young people, that’s something that’s a very big passion.”

In the event that Bosh can never return to the court, he still has a desire to pass along how to play as he still has a desire to remain close to the game, even if that means in a development role, and teaching players what to do when the ball is not in their hands.

“I would want to work with guys that maybe aren’t starters, guys that are the fourth or fifth option. To be honest, I’m looking at today’s game and I put myself in that position and how I would benefit from the faster basketball, more threes, catch-and-go opportunities, attacking the paint with more space, that’s what kind of gets me juiced up and riled up when I watch today’s game. I would really want to teach someone how to function without having to have plays called for you.”

Today’s fast-paced NBA game would would open plenty of opportunities for the former All-Star to score. Bosh not only played as a first option as a Toronto Raptor averaging 24 points per game, but also reestablished himself to excel as a third option playing alongside LeBron James and Dwyane Wade averaging as much as 21 points per game before suffering health setbacks.

The two-time NBA champion played 44 games before discovering season-ending blood clots in his body during the 2014-15 season. The next season Bosh had a relapse and was forced to sit out after playing 53 games and was never able to return to the court again.

While he may or may not find a remedy to his health situation, it would benefit any team to have Bosh around who has plenty to offer otherwise after playing 13 seasons in the league with a career average of  19.2 points and 8.5 rebounds in his career.