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ESPN trolls Jason Kidd over 2013 soda incident

Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd has been back in the headlines recently. The Hall of Fame point guard and former Bucks and Nets coach has been openly lobbing for the Lakers’ head coaching job, assuming Luke Walton is fired.

He’s also been heavily linked to the job at Cal, his alma mater. Jason Kidd appeared on ‘The Jump’ on ESPN today, and the network hit him with a pretty hilarious troll.

ESPN included the ‘once spent $50k on a cup of soda’ line as part of his bio when he appeared on the show. Then, they tweeted out the image with the joking caption.

The joke refers to a 2013 incident where Kidd intentionally spilled a soda on the court while he was coaching the Nets. The league fined him a whopping $50K for the incident. Kidd allegedly had the soda spilled so that he could bide some time while an opponent was about to shoot crucial free throws at the end of the game.

Funnily enough, the team the Nets were playing during that game? The Lakers. Kidd said on the show and in other places that he’s very interested in getting back into coaching. The Lakers have been engulfed in dysfunction this year, but that hasn’t dissuaded Kidd from wanting the job.

Kidd spent four and a half seasons as the coach in Milwaukee before the Bucks fired him in January of last year.

Kidd is one of the biggest names available, and if nothing else he’d make for a very entertaining hire in Los Angeles.