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Jalen Rose says Clippers will ‘never’ surpass Lakers as the most popular L.A. team

Jalen Rose, Lakers, Clippers

Although it is already obvious, Jalen Rose reiterated the fact that the Los Angeles Clippers will never be more popular than the Los Angeles Lakers in LA.

In a recent episode of ESPN’s Jalen and Jacoby, Rose said that even though the Clippers have managed to acquire two of the best players in the NBA, they can never outshine the Lakers in the City of Angels.

“For those that want to follow the North star, they’re still going to follow the Lakers because that level of autonomy that they built with that fanbase is never going to erode,” Rose said. “Everybody loves a winner and the casual fan is going to bandwagon a winner.”

The Clippers have long been building a team that is good enough to rival with the Lakers, but they have had little success. Although there is no doubt that they have been the better team over the past couple of seasons, the talk of the town is still the Purple and Gold.

However, with the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the Clippers will have the chance to temporarily steal the spotlight away from the Lakers.

Next season, the ‘Battle of LA’ will finally commence, and both the Clippers and the Lakers will finally have the opportunity to determine — not only to one another but also to the entire NBA — who are the rightful kings of Los Angeles.