Former NBA star Jeremy Lin doesn't think the Dallas Mavericks have a chance against the Golden State Warriors in their Western Conference Finals series.

While Lin isn't predicting a sweep, he sees the Warriors wrapping things up in five or six games–meaning he's just giving the Mavs one or two chances to win against Stephen Curry and co.

The Warriors are the favorites to win the series against the Mavs, so Jeremy Lin's pick isn't surprising to say the least. However, the fact that he thinks Dallas could only win one game or at most two might not sit well with a lot of NBA fans.

After all, how quickly can we forget about what the Mavs did against the Phoenix Suns? Dallas fell behind 2-0 to the Arizona franchise, and after those convincing wins, everybody had Chris Paul and Devin Booker's crew making a sweep.

Everyone knows what happened next. The Mavs are now in the West Finals, while the Suns are back home watching the NBA from their TVs.

The Warriors definitely have the talents and tools to win. Not to mention that they have been through all sorts of experience in the playoffs. However, they certainly cannot underestimate the Mavs and ignore what they have done so far. Or else they might suffer the same fate as the Suns.