An extremely important bit of information has recently surfaced with regards to the investigation on the infamous helicopter crash that killed Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others in January.

According to Kobe's personal assistant, Crate Brady, Bryant had actually requested to have the original time of the flight moved an hour earlier.

“That particular day, for Sunday, I actually changed the time the night before, probably around 6pm or 7pm,” Brady said, via Sam Goodwin of Yahoo Sport Australia.

“Because Kobe had decided he wanted to go to watch another team play before his game.

“So it was supposed to be a 9:45am departure, but the night before it was changed to a 9am departure.”

Brady also noted that the flight was also pushed back by 15 minutes because of adverse weather conditions, which the pilot, Ara Zobayan, deemed as “OK” after the slight delay.

The implication here is that if the flight was not moved, and if the helicopter took off at the original scheduled time, then perhaps the weather could have improved, and the fatal crash could have been avoided. This is all speculation at this point, however, and there absolutely is no way to tell if Bryant's party would have been spared had they adhered to the original schedule.

The investigation on the accident is currently in full swing. Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Kobe, has filed a lawsuit against the helicopter company for their involvement in the crash, and her camp is looking for millions of dollars in compensation. Whether or not this new development works in her favor or not remains to be seen.