NBA players are traditionally looked at as high-performance athletes that have beefed with one another every once in a while. If most people think about it, they are all just co-workers. They can naturally form bonds and traverse the odd nature of finishing their teenage years up to late adulthood. Most players even get close to the children of their friends in the league. None have been more vocal about their hilarious disdain for one of their pal's kids than Gilbert Arenas. He even wants Jake Paul to organize a match between him and Nick Young.

Gilbert Arenas formed an amazing bond with Swaggy P in the later years of their careers. Agent Zero even got to know his kids. He saw them grow up in front of his very eyes as he visited Nick Young's residences a lot. Although, this does not mean that they have the most straightforward nephew and uncle relationship.

Arenas has been seen terrorizing Young's kids in such a funny manner. They all even went viral for it at one point. A new saga unfolded during Gil's stream. He unveiled what his plans with Nick Young's son were.


When asked, “Why are you always terrorizing Nick Young’s kids?” His simple reply was, “Cus I don’t like his f*cking kids, ima keep it short and sweet. F*ck Nick Young’s kids, they bad.”

A matchup through Jake Paul's help would also be one thing that he would like to do. It is just adorable that he gets to be able to rough house with another NBA player's kids.