Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is one of the most influential players in NBA history, so much so that his body of work is putting a lot of pressure on his fellow athletes. Gilbert Arenas said as much as he shared how amazing it is to see James still dominate at this point of his life and career.

For Arenas, seeing LeBron still be one of the best players in the NBA at 38 years old changes everyone's perception on the age standard in the league. Before, when a player reaches their early 30s, they are expected to eventually slow down along with a decrease in production. But with James showing everyone it's possible to be dominant even at the near 40s, others can no longer use their age as an excuse if they end up being a shell of their old self.

“LeBron James puts so much pressure on people. The fact that he's 39, doing what he's doing, makes 30 seem like you're a rookie. Now we have a glimpse of what 38 and 39 is capable of doing, which means when players are looking like they're slowing down at 31, 32, I don't know how we'd accept that anymore,” Arenas said of LeBron's longevity.

Of course major props should be given to LeBron James for taking care of his body and ensuring he's at the best shape of his life every season. While Gilbert Arenas said that it puts pressure on other players, he's in no way knocking what the Lakers superstar has done so far in his career. Instead, he's simply illustrating how much LeBron has changed the game and how impactful he has been in raising the quality of the league.

LeBron is entering his age-39 season in 2023-24, and based on his performance from the past campaign, don't expect him to slow down any time soon.